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Auto ADL / PNL - update flight passenger

Auto ADL / PNL - update flight passenger

The Odyssea system is characterized by its many capabilities to manage airline services, both as suppliers and as customers.
Within the flight module there is the ability to report to each supplier, for each flight, the relevant passengers list for it. The update is done by generating a passenger file in various formats (PNL / ADL, Excel, XML, etc.) and sending it to the airline supplier.

A new development will enable for each supplier an automatic sending of passengers list and the changes. The development checks what changes have occurred in relation to the last update and produces a message adapted to the airline supplier which is sent automatically.
For each supplier you can set how many hours before departure to start the sending process and every few hours to repeat the process.

The development has great significance especially in the peak period of orders as many changes take place and it is necessary to update the suppliers quickly and on time.
In addition, there are cases where bookings have been made close to the flight departure and during hours when the operating department isn't available to see the changes (holidays, weekends, night time, etc.) and update the suppliers accordingly.

In order to enable tracking, a dedicated screen is developed that allows viewing and monitoring the messages created and sent, thus preventing a situation of uncertainty regarding the reports.

The new development will allow the flight operation to Handle well and quickly with the changes in the flight passengers and prevent a situation where passengers aren't appear in the carrier lists.