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Atlantis - Local Tourism, Events, and Conferences Software

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Atlantis was founded and developed due to years of experience according to the Israel tourism industry. Atlantis is a local reservation system which is designated to comprise all the solutions for internal management. The booking system foundation is based on dynamic as well as alternate parameters, allowing customizing special settings to local areas according to special requirements (such as VAT difference).

Atlantis – Hotels Reservation Management – is specialized in controlling land arrangements which includes: commitments and allotments control, multi-cardtion price lists, easy booking process, varied reports, B2B & B2C and more. Atlantis is connected to Escala (PELEG’s B2B web service) which connect directly with local/not local hotel suppliers (like Hotelbeds). For more information about Escala you can click here.

Atlantis - Online Booking System

In addition to Atlantis’s ability to connect directly to local flights supplier (Escala), our reservation System is also capable for B2C. Atlantis can constitute as a search engine in client’s web sites as well as back office to manage changes after the online booking in Atlantis itself.

Atlantis provides the follows services:
  • Hotels Managing Module
    • Online interface and booking directly to Israelis hotels (via GOC, Isrotel, and MinHotels), including high level of price manipulation
    • Defining children ages per hotel or accommodation, according to the suppliers demands.
    • Allocations, commitments (block or release) according to: dates, room types and different type of agents/clients.
    • Managing rooms reserve in order to assign guests to specific rooms
    • A flexible-easy status definition (for example: OK for PCK only, OK for FIT, check arrive day and etc).
    • Room release in a manual or automatic method, depends the information that inserted.
    • Online confirm / decline rooms by suppliers and update reservation status
    • Allocations control for - groups, sharers and agents.
    • Alternative hotels control.
    • Supplier payments - automatic checking invoices against contracts.
    • Automatic costs system that manages price lists through: destinations, dates, duration of stay, suppliers, client's types and other components.
    • Possibility to insert the contracts into the price lists.
    • Generating automatic or manually message to the hotel's suppliers (new reservation, updates, cancellation and etc).
    • Placing price lists in client’s web sites in order to promote (including images).
    • Option to display queries with differential prices for different client's types.
    • Creating vouchers, for clients and suppliers (transfer included).
    • Perform hotel reservations directly from the supplier with immediate approval.
    • Managing lecture halls and classrooms
  • Reservation Managing Module
    • Reservations management (new, update, delete).
    • Automatic pricing system designed for clients, agents and suppliers (net).
    • Manual pricing, reductions and supplements (by permissions).
    • Interfacing with other back-office systems.
    • Retrieve reservations by many parameters. The results can be export as excel or sending them automatic to the agents.
    • Restoring and retrieving changes from history mode.
    • Documents releasing through an automatic vouchers system.
    • Ticketing and sending the client's vouchers from the reservation (by permission) by E-mail.
    • Managing reservations queues automatically or manually
    • Producing client's/agent's documents and sending them by fax or E-mail.
    • Manual reservation for extra services (transfers, ski pass, insurances, visas and etc).
    • Capability to reservation through internet (B2B,B2C).
    • Loading reservation details from the GDS system, including pricing and ticketing.
    • Queries for flights, hotels, packages, events, car rental, insurance, cruise packages and extra services from reservation.
    • Automatic policy system.
    • Vocal reconfirmation system.
  • Events & Conferences Management Model
    • Locating, searching, and managing productions by different types
    • Manage budget, includes previous bids from suppliers
    • Manage your budget, including viewing previous bids for different services (Soon)
    • Production hotel management - rooms commitments, reserving places
    • Management of prices for various room accommodation
    • Guests subsidy management
    • Management of stewards / ground attendant in production
    • Manage supplements for production - concerts, attractions, major events
    • Manage transportations
    • Manage production reservations, including special requests
    • Producing a list of guests
    • Production of a transportation report
    • Financial accounting with the guests and with the ordering organization
  • Tickets Managing System
    • Stocks management of services Such as: tours, games, plays and more.
    • Ability to display queries of differential prices to different types of clients.
    • Generating automatic or manual message, to hotel supplier (new reservation, updates, cancellation and etc).
    • Automatic costs system that manages price lists, divided to destinations, dates, suppliers, client types and other components.
    • Gross or net prices for events as a separate service or as part of a package.
    • Placing price lists for promotion, at the client’s web sites (including images).
    • Capability to add contracts to the price list itself.
  • Managing Financial System
    • Costs system of all reservation services.
    • Agencies system of commissions and discounts. Separated by services, destinations, reservation dates, departure dates and etc. by sum or percentage.
    • Managing commissions and markups for suppliers for the different services.
    • Invoices with full details of the reservation for agency's or client's services. Option to electronic signature.
    • Automatic invoices system by the departure dates, reservation dates or the vouchers for all of the agencies, selected ones or from queue.
    • Receipts for different forms of payments.
    • Connecting between invoices to receipts.
    • Suppliers payment control and payment orders creation.
    • Managing down payment for suppliers.
    • Tracking agent's credits through automatic system.
    • Capability of splitting to different general ledgers.
    • Transferring to different financial systems in varied forms.
  • Reports and Queries
    • Administrative reports by varied parameters.
    • Generating financial reports.
    • Queries for flights, hotels, car rental, events and more.
    • Capability to converting the data into Excel and sending by E-mail.
  • Permissions system
    • Self-building of different roles and modules, down to the specific permissions per user.
  • Interfaces
    • Interfacing directly with back office for bookings management.
    • Interfacing with Escala (displaying real-time costs from suppliers).
  • Internet
    • Online confirm / decline rooms by suppliers and update reservation status
    • A complete reservations system for agents includes the capability to add or cancel different services (B2B).
    • Originals documents production for clients.
    • Retrieving options.
    • Web services for most of Atlantis's processes.
    • Uploading the passengers details from business clients.
  • Saving data
    • Saving data history of reservation, price lists, flights and hotels stock.

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