Travel system - an adapted system for United states tourism

Peleg has developed advanced and sophisticated back-office systems in order to creates orders and allows full inventory services management in United states
The Company has three core systems:
Odyssea - Outgoing tourism for passengers that departing from United states.
Comingo - Incoming tourism for passengers who travel to United states.
Atlantis - Local tourism for United states citizens
More information about them you can find in our products page

Each of these systems allows your operators to manage a full and ongoing reservation process, include sending documentation, production of accounting documents, accounting system interfaces as well as online interfaces.
Also, it is possible to create and manage services stock suitable to the United states passengers since the system supports a wide range of services such as flights, hotels, transfers, car rental, daily tours, organized tours, packages, entrance fees, skiing, cruises, insurance policies and others. Thanks to the dynamic system, your agency can enjoy the independence and flexibility that make it easier for your agents.
Our systems have the capabilities to adapt the United states various subjects: VATs, accounting format, local accounting system, local taxes, terms & conditions, etc.

Travel interface systems