Group and Organized Tours Management Module

In the Peleg systems are designated modules for an efficient management of Group and Organized Tours. The goal of these modules is to better the management of such tours from its very creation through reservation, status updates and up to checking its profitability and suppliers accountings.

These modules allow for the creation of a single or series of tours with the ability to set up specific services which could be set up as must take option (in which the customer has to take them) or as optional supplements to the tour. At the end of the setup process the system will allow for an auto distribution of the tour details to various websites and to online comparison systems such as ALP and Saber.

There are a number of ways available in order to manage and organized tour: It can be done using a single reservation that include all the various services and passengers or, and sometimes also, through a center reservation that is created automatically when the package is created which contains all the tour costs, and to which all separate reservations, to that specific tour, will be added automatically. This center reservation will also contain all the income from that tour in it. Both ways will allow for a full fallow up on that tour, including sales status , allocation status , profitability, and the general response and quantity of participants in that tour.

  • Setting up single or multiple tours at once, according to flight departures or days of the week
  • Adding external documentations such as images, itinerary and so on
  • General travel plans or specific travel plans for each departure date
  • Assignments of travel guides to each departure date
  • Management of guaranteed tours
  • Setting up different number of destinations and hotels for each day in the tour
  • Setting up additional events that are included in the tour
  • Setting up optional supplements for the group and the ability of pricing them individually
  • Price management, according to the tour reservation and departure dates. Mainly, setting up different price lists according to the seasons of the year.
  • Setting up different price lists according to room types and occupancy
  • Automatic creation of a center reservation to all or each departure dates.
  • The ability to locate and sort organized tours according to various parameters
  • Sending out price offers while in the stage of searching or organized tours
  • The ability to follow up on any and all organized tours in one screen and the ability to check up on the status of allocation and available slots.
  • Production and summarized profit report for the tour
  • The ability to update customers about changes in flights or in the tour itself via SMS
  • A dedicated web site for group reservation, including setting up a group head and providing him the extended management abilities.
  • Exporting tour data to online systems and the ability to process online reservations
  • An interface with the online system Beviwer which allows for checkups on the tour and releasing documents to the customer.