Comingo - wholesale and retail system for incoming tourism

Comingo is dedicated software for incoming tourism, based on the well-established system for local tourism - Atlantis.
This system provides solutions for incoming tourism, both individuals and groups, by providing dynamic features that can fit almost any requirement.
The system has the option to define complex tours that include a number of processes such as transfers, car rental, various tours and in fact all what is required from incoming tourism. The system allows enter complex price lists give full solution for all possible aggregates.
Special emphasis placed for easy booking process, where the system take care of betterment the data so that at the end of the booking the system will display the real costs of the reservation, and will alert the exceptions.

Incoming tourism system based on different systems developed over the years and therefore, it provides similar functions for flights, hotels and the reservations. The system supports the management of multiple reservations incorporated under main reservation and of course with single booking received from agent or private client

Comingo - Online Booking System

Comingo is able to connect to the web sites of the clients (B2C), where any search at site is directed to search the database of Comingo, which also enables booking management after complete the reservation.

Comingo provides the follows services:

Hotels Management Module

  • Ability to define ages of children per hotel/accommodation, depend on supplier's characterizations.
  • Allocations/commitments (block or release) according to dates, room types and different agents/clients.
  • An easy to use, status system such as: OK for PCK only, OK for FIT, check arrival day and etc.
  • Rooms releasing made automatic or manually, according to amount of days inserted.
  • Groups/sharers/agents allocation system.
  • Alternative hotel options.
  • Automatic comparison between supplier's invoices to contracts.
  • Costs automatic system that manages price lists by: destinations, dates, duration of stay, suppliers, type of client and other relevant components.
  • Possible to add contracts to the pricelist itself.
  • Automatic or manual creation of messages to hotel's supplier (new reservation, updates, cancellation and etc.).
  • Placing price lists for promotion in the client’s web sites (including images).
  • Possibility to display queries with differential prices to different client types.
  • Generating vouchers to suppliers and clients (transfer include).
  • Execute hotel reservation directly from the supplier, with immediate approval.
  • Reservation Management Module

  • Managing reservation (new, update, delete).
  • An auto costs system, include: client’s price, agent’s price and supplier price (net).
  • Manual pricing, reduction and supplement (by permission).
  • Interfacing to other databases systems.
  • Retrieving reservation by many parameters with the capability to sending automatic messages and exporting the results to excel.
  • Restoring and retrieving changes from history mode.
  • Document's release by an automatic vouchers system.
  • Ticketing and sending client's vouchers from reservation (by permissions) through E-mail.
  • Managing queues of reservations automatically or manually.
  • Producing documents to clients/agents and sending them by fax or E-mail.
  • Any additional service can be manually reserved (transfers, ski pass, insurance, visa and etc.).
  • Capability of booking through the internet (B2B, B2C).
  • Loading reservation details from GDS system including pricing and ticketing.
  • Queries for flights, hotels, packages, events, car rental, insurance, cruise packages and additional services.
  • Automatic policies system.
  • Vocal reconfirmation system.
  • Private tour / Private car

  • Setting different suppliers
  • Defining price lists according to the company and the number of participants / vehicle size
  • Definition and pricing of additions, such as: extra hours, over nights, distance, etc
  • Set a default time and pickup place for each tour
  • Event Management System

  • Stock management of services such as tours, games, shows and more.
  • Possibility for displaying queries with differential prices for different types of clients.
  • Automatic/manual messages to hotel supplier (new reservation, updates, cancellation and etc.).
  • Automatic system who manages price lists by: destinations, dates, suppliers, types of client and other components.
  • Gross or net prices for events, as an independent service or as part of a package.
  • Placing price lists to promote, in client’s web sites (including images).
  • Option of adding contract to price list itself.
  • Group Quotation Module

  • Sets the group size dynamically
  • Entering the cost of hotels, transfers, attractions, meals, etc., while distinguishing between personal and group prices
  • Automatic pricing of buses according to the variable size of the group
  • Automatically matching the amount of buses to the size of the group
  • Manage the free passengers provided from each hotel
  • Management the given free passengers according to the size of the group
  • Setting Markup for the amount and / or percentage per passenger
  • Assembling a dynamic price matrix according to the size of the group, while detailing the net and gross prices, by passenger and group
  • View the services ordered according to the dates of the trip
  • Producing a client quote
  • Create a reservation that includes all elements of the quote
  • Management Financial System

  • Costs system to all reservation services.
  • System of commissions and discounts (for agencies) by services, destinations, reservation dates, departure dates and etc., in sums or percentage.
  • Manage supplier's commissions and markups, by different services.
  • Full detailed invoices to clients/agencies of all reservation services. Option for electronic signature.
  • Automatic invoices system creates by: departure/reservation dates or according to the vouchers. Creates to all agencies, chosen ones or from a queue.
  • Receipts to all the different payments forms.
  • Connecting invoices to receipts.
  • Control payment suppliers and create payment orders.
  • Manage the supplier's down payments.
  • Track agents credits through an automatic system.
  • Capability of splitting to different general ledgers.
  • Transferring to different financial systems in varied forms.
  • Reports and Queries

  • Administrative reports by varied parameters.
  • Generating financial reports.
  • Queries for: flights, hotels, car rental and events.
  • Capability to convert data into Excel or sending it by E-mail.
  • Permissions system

  • Permissions, divided into modules and functions, detailed to permissions per user.
  • Data Savings

  • Saving data history of reservation, price lists, flights and hotels stock.
  • Interfaces

  • Interfacing to external systems stock: Online, Amadeus, Saber.
  • Interfacing to local financial systems.
  • Interfacing to Escala (displaying real-time costs from suppliers).
  • Internet

  • A complete reservation system for agents includes capability to add or cancel different services (B2B).
  • Producing original documents for clients.
  • Retrieving options.
  • Web services for most Odyssea's functions.
  • Uploading passengers details from business clients.