Flight Management System

Flights management module

Flights management module allows you to control your seats and includes: serial or single flight updates, allocations, seat blocking and commitment with a schedule changes, sharer seats, hold seats for travel agencies, seats purchase, restrictions, manage messages to suppliers and agents, passengers shifting and more. In our flights module you can manage general price lists with supplements cost, built flights package, give different prices to different agents and an interface with LDS companies.

  • Allocations, commitment, blocking or free sale in different classes, net price included as well as brokers shares division.
  • Distinction between regular and charter flights.
  • Managing the flights track.
  • Yield Management (beginning of 2011).
  • Purchases management from different suppliers in varied currencies, a payment control, pricing system include by class/sector & One ways/sectors.
  • Automatic costs system, with price differential for clients/agents and special price for the web site.
  • Flight's system control with data inspections.
  • Automatic system for airport/security taxes.
  • Passenger's shifts between flights.
  • Alert system for changes in allocation/schedules with the option automatic messages send.
  • Capability of invoices production to sharers and groups.
  • Restriction system -Fare Rules management for Return/Roundtrip flights.
  • Possibility to add contracts and documents for each flight.
  • Ticketing collectively.
  • Flight's additions management (like: fuel supplement).
  • Cancellation fee management.
  • Capability to load passengers details in varied formats.
  • Producing and sending client documents by fax or E-mail.