Rooms reserve and assign

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  • To date, the allocation of rooms, according to the agreements with the suppliers, can be managed in Peleg's systems (Odysse / Comingo / Atlantis / Ofek). The room allocation is based on the room level, the amount of rooms, and the conditions of release dates (entry for graduated cancellation fees).

    Following the demand of the agencies, a new module was developed that allows the operation and reservation staff to manage not only the inventory of the amount of rooms, but also the number of the rooms themselves, and manage the maximum number of beds in each room.
    By using the module you can create a map of room numbers, according to the different classes (standard, suites, garden rooms, cabins, etc.). When an organization initiates the booking process with the agency, the clerk can see the availability of all the rooms and reserve specific rooms for the same organization. When the organization decides to make an actual reservation, the clerk will open a real reservation in the system, in which he/she can define the segmentation/type of the guests. For example - teachers, students males, students females, drivers, etc. After the definition, each guest type can be assigned to a room reserved in advance for that organization.
    Throughout the process the system will display the total number of guests and the remaining rooms / beds available.

    At the end of the process, the system will enable tracking of free rooms and producing a special report of guests according to room numbers.

    Rooms reserve and assign