Auto release travel vouchers

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  • As of today you can enter any order and email the travel documents to customers / agents. The system would verify that the reservation did meet all the conditions and if the agent was authorized to release vouchers to the passenger.
    In 2013, we launched, which was designed to facilitate wholesalers / suppliers and enable direct passengers and retail agents to track their reservations and independently release vouchers to their orders.
    Although the Bviewer has significantly reduced phone calls and agency work, it has not yet deal with outstanding cases.

    As part of our commitment to continue and improve the efficiency of travel agents, both in the department and operation and reservations, we have developed a new module that allows the release of travel documents automatically to clients / agents, including monitoring and control.

    The development dismiss the documents release department from the needs go through each reservation and check that the client received his documents. by that it gives them more time to deal with core role issues/activities in the agency and maximize their work.