New flight seats control screen

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  • One of the most important module of the Odysse system is our Seat Control module. Due to the fact that this screen has been without any fundamental change for a long time, we found it necessary to upgrade it and put it on the first line of the technology of wholesale flights management.

    As noted above, this module allows viewing and monitoring all the individual and serial flights that were opened in the system, whether it is charter flights or regular/schedule flights.
    The new module was written in advanced programming language - .Net, which allowed us to overcome external problems that affected our development code. The use of .Net allows the user to input and display data in a significantly faster manner, and display them in several forms.

    We also took advantage of the opportunity to add a number of new capabilities, such as - displaying a free name for each class, viewing and sorting results by flight remarks, browsing the flights without having to exist and re-enter each flight,displaying statistics data sections, and more.