New - Registration site for courses and seminars from Shahar On

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  • A new website from Shahar-On was launched last month and was presented at the association conference.
    This is a new and advanced site that allows association members of the organization to register for seminars and courses, based on the entitlements they have accumulated, and thus to utilize the money that was collected from their employees, under the collective agreements.

    This is an innovative site that is fully integrated into Ofek system - a designated back-office system for this type of operation, Which enables members to identify, view past orders and use their entitlements, locate and receive information about seminars, and self-registration + their families to up-coming seminars.

    Registration site for courses and seminars - Shahar On

    Ofek is a advanced dedicated system developed in 2014 according to Shahar On's requirements and intended to replace number of existing systems, with the goal of streamlining the work processes in the organization and reducing the resources of time, money and manpower.
    In practice, the result was greater than expected, fact that allow Shahar-On to increase the core activity and the organization's activities