Creation and management productions and events

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  • A new module in the Atlantis system - local tourism management system, will allow travel agents to manage productions and events on a tourist basis.
    The production module allows the travel agencies to manage a specific or ongoing event that includes accommodation services (hotels), performances, events and attractions, while managing and staffing field employees such as steward, lecturers and etc.
    In addition, the agent will be able to choose the relevant transportation for each guest and the optional additions from a pre-prepared list. At the end of the process, it will be possible to produce reports for a list of participants, staffing transportation, financial reports and more.

    Production management is actually a derivative of a much broader module - a seminar management module, which was developed in 2015 in "Ofek" system and used by Shachar On LTD. In the past year, the module has been adapted so that tourism companies that manage and plan events in Israel (i.e Flying Carpet, Eshet Tours, Issta, etc.) could use it in the Atlantis system.

    Creation and management productions and events