Bselfie - An online system for group registration

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  • A few months ago we launched a new web system designed for groups registration online - Bselfie.
    The system is aim for agencies that manage tours for close groups - passengers with a common ground (team leader, human resources, etc.).
    The model allow you to determine the terms of the agreement with the group - maximum rooms / passengers, fixed conversion rates, amount of payments, subsidies, optional additions, conditions for approval and more.
    The group leader receives an address and trip number that he must pass on to the passengers.

    In case of a number of tours, each passenger will be able to choose the date of the trip to which he wishes to belong, to view his details, choose the amount and composition of the rooms, enter his personal details +special requests and to make a payment by credit card.
    At the end of the process, all the data will be transferred to the agency's back-office system(Odyssea), including the payments and withdrawal of the inventory of the various services, for the production of reports and follow-up.

    With a special access to the site, the group leader can see additional details such as the number of applicants and their status on the trip.

    By using this module the agency can save hours of works. instead of contact and receive each passenger details, request, credit card and more, they can provide a easy tool for the passenger to do the process by theirself

    online system for group registration