Group pricing / Group quotation module

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  • Recently, we have introduced a new module that is integrated into each system (Odyssea - Outbound Tourism, Comingo - Inbound Tourism, Atlantis - Domestic Tourism) and allows travel agencies to create modular price offer based on the variable size of the group and the tourism services it is required to provide.
    The model allows you to set per offer, different sizes of passenger groups for which the operator will want to see the financial changes and insert the various land-arrangement services such as hotels, transfers, and other products (meals, guides, escorts, etc.)
    After entering the details, the operator will be able to determine the free passengers - passengers for whom the agency does not have to pay (depending on the size of the group), and the maximum number of free passengers that can be received.

    The issue of transfers has also been emphasized - the system knows how to automatically select the most suitable transportation according to the size of the group and accordingly affect the pricing.
    At the end of the process, the operator can determine the additional markup he wishes to calculate and see the net and gross costs of each group size in the offer, including the free passengers.
    The offer can be replicated and edited thus adapting them to other groups without having to start the entire process from scratch.

    In fact, the quotation module enables travel agents who work with groups / organizations to produce accurate offers while protecting costs in the case of fewer passengers than expected, and to streamline the agency's activity by working more quickly.
    The development has been completed but we are constantly working to expand and improve it in accordance with customers needs and market demands.