Total approval of room reservations

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  • Many operation agents use the ability to send messages at once to hotel suppliers with the details of the requested rooms

    With the sending mechanism, you can filter orders by dates, suppliers, type of orders (new, canceled, changed in rooms, reminders, etc.) and send a specific and numbered message to each supplier with the reservation details.

    Until today, the operation department have received confirmation per reservation and updated each one to the status of the room depending on the supplier's response.

    The new screen allows operators to locate all orders sent to the supplier, based on the generated message number, see all awaiting rooms for approval, and update the status of the rooms in accordance with the supplier's response.

    The new development will save a lot of work time for the operation department and will enable a quick update of the reservation in order to complete processing of new one

    Agencies that prefer to send the messages from the invitation itself will still be able to do so. A confirmation link will be added to the message to the hotel supplier, which will be confirmed by the supplier.

    The room confirmation will automatically update the new reservation status and send an email for the operation

    Total approval of room reservations