Importing net price list of hotels from Excel file

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  • As part of our recent efficiency improvements, we have created a new model that enables importing net cost prices of the hotel suppliers from Excel to our various systems.
    Until today, the suppliers send prices by email / fax to the operation. This work interface forced the department to produce hotel price lists in the system and manually typing the costs.
    The new model will enable the operation department to receive an Excel file from the suppliers or, alternatively, to produce the Excel itself, which includes the various prices for all the hotels.The file can be loaded into a system that will analyze the various columns and will automatically generate price lists for each hotel.

    Since most of the hotels are now sold as part of packages, the operators will be able to use the previous development that we published in the blog, Which enables the automatic creation of sales prices (gross) for packages, based on the net prices entered in the system, plus markup.
    In this way, the travel agents using the above models will benefit from the ability to respond quickly to the high competition in the tourism industry, and to shorten the time and quantity of manpower needed to operate the subject.
    This development has already been implemented in several leading tourism companies and has shown far-reaching results.