Importing net price list of hotels from Excel file

  • Post By: Peleg - Advanced Travel Solutions
  • On: 26-12-2017
  • Tags: load hotel price, import hotel rates, upload suppliers rates
  • As part of our recent efficiency improvements, we have created a new model that enables importing net cost prices of the hotel suppliers from Excel to our various systems.
    Until today, the suppliers send prices by email / fax to the operation. This work interface forced the department to produce hotel price lists in the system and manually typing the costs.
    The new model will enable the operation department to receive an Excel file from the suppliers or, alternatively, to produce the Excel itself, which includes ...
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    A new version of tour packages goes live

  • Post By: Peleg - Advanced Travel Solutions
  • On: 23-11-2017
  • Tags: travel packages, tour packages for travel agencies
  • We are pleased to announce that after the development of more than two and a half years we are launching a new and updated version of the packages module in our back office systems.
    The module will replace the existing package module and will allow creating packages of various types - vacations, fly&drive, flights only, sports / music events, carousels, and more.
    First of all, we made sure that the new module will enable the same functions that the current module allows, in order not to harm the work patterns adopt...
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    Odyssey in the curriculum of the ministry of education

  • Post By: Peleg - Advanced Travel Solutions
  • On: 17-09-2017
  • Tags: tourism education, learning tourism back office system
  • After the Odyssey system was integrated in the Wingate Institute's undergraduate program, the process of learning the system began in the curricula of the Ministry of Education.
    After a long period of in-depth examination, the Odyssey system (designated system for outgoing) and the Comingo system (designated system for incoming tourism) were approved by the ministry of education and the association of agents. The systems will form the educational systems on which the Alon high school students from Ramat Gan will st...
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    Itinerary for organized tours

  • Post By: Peleg - Advanced Travel Solutions
  • On: 11-06-2017
  • Tags: organized tours, itinerary for organized tours
  • A new development will enable the ability to add a broader spectrum of information regarding an organized tour, and by that will become an addition sales tool for the sales department.
    The new module will provide the option of adding a list of places and attractions that the passengers will visit, down to a daily level, during the tour, including specific locations (for Google map markers), photos, and extended information of the attraction.
    All information could be exported to the agency websites, and also coul...
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    Import and automatically match of suppliers invoices

  • Post By: Peleg - Advanced Travel Solutions
  • On: 23-05-2017
  • Tags: supplier invloices, import invoices
  • Our clients have recently begun to use a new development that significantly reduces the work time of the accounting department.
    At the end of a specified period, all suppliers will sends a number of invoices or a central invoice, for a number of reservations that were made by the agency. Each and every invoice is manually typed into Peleg's systems by the accounting department.
    The accounting department will also be required to cross reference the invoice with its corresponding reservation's net pricing.
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    Sam - Travel agent notifications and alerts system

  • Post By: Peleg - Advanced Travel Solutions
  • On: 02-04-2017
  • Tags: Travel agent notifications, Travel agent alerts
  • Peleg's newest system called "Sam", will enable travel agents who use the company back office systems, to receive online updates regarding their bookings. Thus, it improves the ability to close deals faster while providing a quick response to customers.
    In fact, Sam will allow all the back office systems with which the agent works, to contact the agent who handles the order and to update him immediately about changes in the status of the services on the order, receipt of vouchers, permits for alternative hotels, ch...
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    Online conditions confirmation & Booking information approval

  • Post By: Peleg - Advanced Travel Solutions
  • On: 01-03-2017
  • Tags: Online conditions confirmation, Booking information approval
  • Recently we finished developing a feature that will shorten significantly the processing of the client's reservations.

    As for today, in order to document the client agreement form, the Agent spending time in preparing a confirmation document containing the terms of the agency and details of the booking, including payment information.
    Instead of maximizing the sales, the travel agent focus on the operation of paperwork and updating the reservations. Not to mention the long process of manual work of the operation de...
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    IMTM 2017 - The Israeli tourism exhibition

  • Post By: Peleg - Advanced Travel Solutions
  • On: 12-02-2017
  • Tags: Israeli tourism conference, Tourism exhibition, IMTM 2017
  • Did you managed to visit the IMTM exhibition in Tel Aviv last week?
    How was it?

    So first we learned that the exhibition transferred to a larger facility, symbolizing the growing amount of booths and exhibitors.
    We were impressed by the variety of countries who came to present their services and the number of agencies that came to develop business ties with Israeli agencies. It seems that many countries want to expand their tourist relations with Israel which will created new opportunities.
    However, due to the incr...
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    Cruises allocations management by rooms/cabins numbers

  • Post By: Peleg - Advanced Travel Solutions
  • On: 12-01-2017
  • Tags: rooms management, cabins management, cabins numbers
  • Up till now our main tour operator system - Odyssea - enabled the management of rooms / cabins allocations in a variety of cruises.
    Managing the allocation of inventory has allowed the management of booking standalone service or cruises as part of a package (alongside additional services such as: flights, hotels, shore excursions, transfers, etc).

    A new development allows travel agents to also manage allocations by room/cabin numbers, thereby assigning each passenger to specific room type and its number on the...
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    How was the WTM conferences?

  • Post By: Peleg - Advanced Travel Solutions
  • On: 14-11-2016
  • Tags: WTM exhibition, Conference at WTM
  • The WTM exhibition is over and we were very happy to have being a part of it and for the option to meet many colleagues to the Travel indestry.
    We were very impressed by the designed stands and booths, it was evident that much thought was invested in the expo's design and construction.

    There is no doubt that technology held a significant part of the conference, and that its volume of involvement was increased - more and more companies turn to technology development in order to provide their own travel agents with...
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