Tour operator system

By understanding the tourism industry, Peleg's tour operating systems succeeded in maximizing our sales

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Flights Management Module

Flights management module

The flights management module allows the travel agent to manage seats. The module includes: opening and updates of an entire series or just a single flight, allocations/blocks and scheduling changes, sharer seats, seats held for travel agencies, seat purchases, restrictions, management of messages to suppliers and agents, transfer of passengers and more.
Our flights module has a price lists management system that includes supplements cost, flight packages, different price lists according to agents and an interface with the various LDS systems.

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Hotel Management Module

Hotel management module

The hotels booking system module manages allocations for each agency separately according to different room types, suppliers, children's ages, travel agencies and so on. The Hotel Software enables allotments and commitments with the release dates for different room types, inserting price lists with a wide array of functions to suit the work methods of each individual travel agent including sales promotions campaigns, which can be exported to the Internet. The hotel management module connects directly to different hotel suppliers and is capable of manually or automatically sending dynamic messages

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Reservation Management Module

Reservation management module

Our reservation module contains full PNR management which includes an automatic costing system from price lists, manual pricing, discounts, full control of documents, invoices, receipts and so on. Our reservation module facilitates input of agent's vouchers and to release document automatically. Each PNR has a documents archive that allows full organization and documentation, in addition to recording the history for each operation. Furthermore the reservations module enables input from external reservations (Pnr2Docket) from the GDS systems, Internet sites and also from Escala (Peleg's B2B web service).

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Package Management Module

Package management module

Packages management module gives an answer for all type of package (city package, fly&drive, ski package, organized tours and etc). Our packages may include only flights or combination of the following products: flights, hotels, events, car rental and different supplement (ski, spa, transfer and etc). Our packages module allows dynamic and flexible pricing management which also have interface to LDS companies for online booking.

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Cruise Management Module

Cruise management module

Peleg system's support with full wholesale and retail cruise products, from managing the whole ship include various types of rooms commitment, till retail management - recording reservations. The system allows travel agencies to receive various tools required for the proper operation of the cruise department and receive a real-time information on the status of inventories, sales, profitability and more

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Groups / Organized Tours

Groups / Organized Tours

There are so many tourist destinations which attract individuals as well as groups every year. We are well aware that in order to effectively managing groups in large or small scale, you must have a system which will assist you the best. Our tour operator systems have groups features such as: package, unlimited services, price lists management specially for groups, list of guides, profit report for group tours and etc.

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FIT / Individuals

Booking for individuals - FIT

Each of our systems provide the tour operator the easiest way of booking reservations for individuals. A full booking process with many possibilities is available in any system and promote automated processes. B2C and B2B interfaces which includes PNR2Docket, automatic document releasing, seating in flight, accessible website which allows the client to print his/her own document and etc